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2010 Trends and Forecast: Spa, Massage Therapy, Beauty and Wellness

2010 Trends: Spa, Massage Therapy, Beauty and Wellness

I will be blogging about Spa, Massage Therapy, Beauty and Wellness Trends for 2010. So before I give out what to watch out for in the future regarding these arenas I would like to clarify a few things before I delve into the trends in our industry. I would like to stress that forecasting trends is far from an exact Science because all trends are constantly evolving and as I am writing this blog, both trends listed below are one way or the other, already happening and they are evolving rapidly. I have also included some examples and tips to boost your spa, massage clinic and wellness center business using the trends below.

First and foremost, readers of this blog must make the important distinction between a fad and a trend. What then is the difference between the two? One major difference between a fad and a trend is the duration. The lifespan of a fad is short, fleeting, here today and gone tomorrow. A fad is a statement, a one-hit wonder, something eye-catching that comes and then goes just as quickly. Sandali lang wala na…. It enjoys a few months of unexpected popularity, but disappears just as quickly as it appears. It might be another new massage technique, a new spa offering, a new facial product in the market, etc. Fads create a lot of attention and press, and then they abruptly disappear because people haven't seen results or they find it too difficult to sustain.

But there is a tendency for a fad to become a trend and if it does it can remain popular for decades and might become a classic. A trend on the other hand, has roots and staying power. It strikes a deeper cord, they are self-sustaining but needs improvement over time and is connected to a larger change in society. It would totally be expected, then, to see the same trends appearing for multiple years in a trends survey. The day spa is one example of a fad becoming a trend which crossed over and have interwoven industries in beauty and wellness.

Some experts agree that the difference between a fad and a trend is the number of industries it affects. A fad often appears in a single industry and rarely crosses over into others. While a trend spans more than one industry and touches more than one market and generation. So if you went to a trade show and you are seeing a certain massage technique or facial product over in many booths, it’s already too late to catch the beginning of that trend.

Another difference between a fad and a trend is the overall industry acceptance. Investing in a fad item can be risky for companies known for setting trends. It can be very difficult to tell the difference between a fad and a trend before the product or service reaches the buying public. Smaller companies often have the flexibility necessary to promote a faddish item, while larger companies tend to wait until the initial smoke clears and a trend can be determined. This difference between a fad and a trend can be seen in the recent fad diet wars. Ano ba talaga ang effective regimen para magpapayat? When scientific evidence demonstrated a link between high carbohydrate intake and weight gain, nauuso yung mga fad diet plans. Although the move away from processed foods and carbohydrates soon became a trend, the individual diet plans involved all enjoyed a fleeting popularity. A similar difference between a fad and a trend also appeared in the fitness industry. An emphasis on core exercises and the reduction of abdominal fat became a trend, hindi na puwede yung malalaki ang bilbil therefore a number of faddish exercise devices appeared suddenly on television screens everywhere. Some of these exercise devices were shown to be ineffective or even dangerous for the user, while others became part of the trend towards better health and weight reduction.

One of the telling differences between a fad and a trend is the perception of overall quality. Fad products and items are rarely expected to endure, but trends tend to survive the decade in which they were created.

Example, a spa owner needs to be aware at all times of what is happening in the massage and spa industry. If you are not able to attend trade shows, a quick and easy way to keep up with the latest news is to go to your nearest competitor and take a look at the newest service offerings. Go to malls and check out what other spas are offering. Really examine what products are on the shelves and in the sales circulars. In this way you can take advantage of the trend research that has already been done by professional buyers. You have to study and learn from the brands that you admire and think of them as the mirrors to today’s more diverse, more networked and connected society at pagkatapos nun find ways to outdo them.

Find out what's new, and then continue monitoring to see what has staying power, and what is on the way out. It is important to keep checking, because the trends and even the classics may eventually evolve and change over time. For example: Look at how traditional Philippine hilot has evolved into wellness hilot. Take note of what are the differences between how it is being practiced in a modern spa versus a “hilot ng probinsiya” and then you can incorporate both. Then your clients will have the best of both worlds.

Distinguishing between trends and fads requires quantitative and qualitative research in addition to gut instinct. Telling the difference between a fad and a trend is a constant balancing act for entrepreneurs. Staying in touch with our clients and testing innovations before making large commitments are to succeed in catching a trend.

The massage industry is constantly exploring new movements and massage modalities while at the same time evolving and improving on massage equipment. Example, yung mga manufacturers and product suppliers ng massage tables and facial beds should avoid designs that are attractive but unsafe or that deliver bio-mechanically incorrect massage movements from both the practitioner and the client. Dapat yung design na pwede kahit anong height ng massage therapist at kahit anong massage modality. Kung meron na nun. Equipment needs to be built with proper biomechanics that encourage proper lower-back support and skeletal alignment.

Second, maraming products in the market especially facial products na mag cla-claim that you will be whiter, have clear complexion, etc. Some even claim that you will stop aging with little work on your part. Sad to say they are all false. Aging cannot be totally stopped because aging is really a part of life. You can at least minimize the effects of aging but you cannot stop it. Also, we have to consider that these products should continually be used. There is no such thing as a magical wand to change you into a beautiful flawless princess overnight. Kahit yung mga case na maiitim na pumuti- it did not happen overnight. Even Glutathione tablets need months to take into effect. Hindi pwede yung mag take ka ng Glutathione minsan lang and then you would expect na next week maputi ka na. It will take time. There is no quick, easy way to get whiter that will show results immediately. Kung pumuti ka man instantly mamaya maitim ka na naman pag hindi ka gumamit ng product na yun continuously. Ganun din sa exercise, there is no effective workout that are easy kung gusto mo talagang maging sexy it takes discipline in food intake and exercise. And by the way, not all exercise machines can deliver results.

I am not saying that these are the only trends to track in 2010. There are dozens of important trends worth applying and I am merely bringing you my selection as it affects us in the Philippines because the similarity between fads and trends is that both are driven by changing consumer preferences and desires.

Okay so after we have discussed at length ang fad and trend. Here now are the trends for 2010.

1. Correct! Connect!

Connections. Partnerships. Mergers. Convergence. Consumers in the spa, massage therapy and wellness will experience more and more local to local, local and international businesses coming to join and pair with each other to stay relevant in a diverse world of consumers. There will be more industries na mag me-merge with the spa, beauty and wellness industry. Including fitness, travel and tourism, medical and health, bilogy and environment, culture and experience etc. Which will produce a lot of diversities and collaboration from individuals, companies, etc.

Which brings us to a few sub-trends, where people, services and products are just thumbs and clicks away. Urban (City) population is growing at a phenomenal rate and according to the Global Report on Human Settlements, October 2009: Asia will host 63% of the global urban population or 3.3 billion people in 2050. So where does this leads us? What is the significance? More and more consumers will be sophisticated but will be willing to try-out more daring goods (thereby creating a need for bite size or should I say, appetizer size services in the spa) simplified spa menus, signature and unique experiences and services. This will also in effect have less cookie cutter services which will create less blandness in the relationship between spa enthusiasts and management. More and more services of these spas, massage clinics, beauty and wellness centers will offer their very own signature services, localized and exclusive spa and massage therapies and treatments that will keep clients coming back for more. Therefore your spa, massage clinic or wellness center should sell something special, something premium (in some cases), something desirable in just one (geographical) location. Just be sure that it’s worth the trip.

Since dadami ang tao within cities, online transparency with conversations happening online will be the latest and greatest. These consumers will be lusting for more and more information. Tracking and alerting people online. One example of which is Google latitude where you share your current location with your Google contacts via browser and mobile device. Mas maraming spas ang mag o-offer ng online and via mobile appointments. And if you have not yet used Google Earth then medyo huli ka na, but nevertheless you should try it out. It’s cool. Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places, and share with others.

Gadgets (including mobile phones and i-pods, etc) will be used to digitalize everything including spa appointments and consumer reviews. More and more blogs will be created for consumer reviews. In short, with people sharing information online, everything we actually do, buy, listen to, attend, try and so on will make it easy for people to find groups and real-time content (as we speak ika nga). It will be a common thing to tap into a live stream of experiences from fellow consumers. Of course, as more people are contributing and reviewing, sa dami ng information available and accessible to all, online access and device convergence will allow more on-the-spot-reviews like Twitter, it has established itself as the real-time snap shot of what people are thinking, feeling and experiencing and reviewing word wide.

So, in 2010, expect numerous services to capitalize on this burgeoning ‘global brain', and its endless real-time reviews and verdicts.

But do not be fooled, human interaction will still play a big role in an era were online presence is a must. Mass mingling, bonding and mind-sharing will be a common thing. People will get out of their homes and use social media and online groups to spur meeting in flesh and blood. Why? Because people actually enjoy interacting with other warm bodies, and will do so forever. Online relationships and presence will not replace (still) direct human interaction. People are people who needs others to survive and that means getting a part of some offline community. Meetings will be even more impromptu, temporary meet-ups of strangers, people and crowds with similar interests, hobbies, political preferences, causes and grievances. Many of these (temporary) meet-ups will revolve around getting a project done, generating public attention or helping one another.

A breed of consumers and clients na ang hinahanap will be beauty prodoucts that does not only make them beautiful on the outside but on how they feel. So magiging IN yung beauty products na may psychological and well-being benefits that affects people's moods positively. So if you a beauty product povider make use of textures, temperatures or sounds that affect the mood, as well as innovations, such as makeup that “induces beauty sleep"  producing also a hybrid of beauty and spa products and services.

2. Giving and Sharing is the name of the game.

This is already big in 2009 but will even be bigger in 2010. Consumers will patronize more products and services that give back to the community not only as a good corporate citizen but in order to stay relevant in business a spa, massage clinic or wellness center should champion something. Consumers will be more drawn towards spa, massage clinics and wellness cnetr businesses who values fair trade, ecologically friendly, safe and sound products. Clients/consumers will buy what makes them feel good- good about the ingredients and good about what they are spending. This generosity will be taken to the next level, by initiatives that would make giving and donating painless like using our mobiles and donating online. Just to give you an idea, how you can start this, as a spa, massage clinic and wellness center owner, you can introduce and encourage consumers to volunteer to an organization you support and they can get 50-100% off of your rates. They can just present a letter from the organization they worked for given the number of hours and viola! they would get free services from you. Even Disneyland is already doing this to inspire volunteerism. Disneyland have worked with HandsOn Network to have their volunteer work verified and those who contribute their time will receive a voucher from Disney for a day’s admission to Walt Disney or Disneyland Theme park. You can raise money to donate to spas employees who have been devastated by typhoon Ondoy.

There are several ways to apply these consumer trends, and make some money from the innovations. Just ask yourself if they have the potential to (and if so, how):

1. Influence or shape your company's vision by re-aligning it with these trends.

2. Fads and trends become integrated into our lives very quickly, and our sales and service quotas will reflect this if we incorporate these items into our lines. So these trends should inspire you to come up with a new business concept, an entirely new venture or a new brand.

3. Add a new product, service or experience for a certain customer segment.

4. Speak the language of those consumers/ clients who already 'living' a trend.

Fads and trends are part of what keeps our industry and our world fun and interesting - And the bottom line is that our clients keep coming back for more!


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