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Travel, Trips and Tours for Spa, Massage Therapy and Wellness Enthusiasts

Travel, Trips and Tours for Spa, Massage Therapy and Wellness Enthusiasts

Hay naku summer na naman. And since it's time again to wander around, did you know that the Philippines has a FREE travel and lifestyle magazine distributed around different airports in Manila, Cebu, Clark, in different call centers, some hotels and resorts and coffee shops in the Philippines? With tips on where to go and what to do, this magazine revolutionizes the way Filipinos travel and is defnitely your handy ultimate tour guide on travel. Yes, and that magazine I am referring to is (drum roll please....hehe) Juan Philippines magazine.

The latest issue of this magazine featured your spa, massage therapy and wellness guide and consultant in an article focusing on Gift Guide for the Wellness Enthusiast. Although its for Valentine's day, you can get tips on getting gifts for your loved ones anytime of the year.

To view a copy of this article you can visit:

Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Wellness Enthusiast


Eunice Estipona

When buying a unique and special gift for our loved ones we are using up all our creativity and resources to do so. If money is tight, every peso counts so there is no such thing as “cheap”, if you have really thought about it, no matter what the cost, then that’s what matters. Material gifts are not that only things that you can give so before buying something, listen to clues on what he/she really wants. Instead of the usual chocolates, you can mix and match any two or three of these items depending on your budget. So, here’s a list of gift ideas for wellness enthusiasts.

1. Spa-rties or Spa Parties- contact a Licensed Massage Therapist or a nearby spa and inquire if they can accommodate two people at the same time and if it’s a group date then they should be able to come up with a themed spa party occasion. For a more specialized and less expensive treat and you have space at home, you can host a spa party right at your own home. Just buy some robes and slippers, scented candles, massage oils or manicure and/or pedicure set- call a home spa or home massage service or hire somebody in your neighborhood to give you and your loved one a massage and a foot spa with manicure and pedicure. Compose a romantic poem in a Valentine’s card and insert a spa gift certificate. If he/she loves chocolates, take them to a spa that offers chocolate scrubs and treatments.

2. Wellness Travel- Go out and have fun! If that means, just taking them for a bowling time or a fitness center or perhaps you can take your loved one/s to an organic farm and a healthy culinary tour. Recreate your first date or the time when you told each other the three magical words, “I love you”; Walk, dive or schedule an overnight trip to a romantic resort spa outside of town. Take a trip down a rural area and experience authentic bamboo massage, sea shell massage, Dagdagay or our very own Hilot.

3. Palate Trip- Treat your loved ones for a food trip to a spa gourmet, a vegan restaurant or arrange a cooking time to cook low carb, vegan food and delicacies. Inquire from culinary schools if they offer short classes on vegetarian cuisine and cooking demonstrations then enroll both of you as part of your bonding time. Learn and have fun together learning a new recipe.

4. Delights at home- Dress up your bedroom like a spa with fresh petals of roses on the tub or on the floor, a mini water fountain, lighted aromatherapy candles and a waiting massage therapist to perform massage for both of you. Arrange your ordinary kitchen to look something like a healthy spa nook/kitchen with herbs, gourmet food and green and leafy vegetables on the refrigerator and fresh fruits and edible flowers on the dinner table. Make a healthy midnight snack that you can both devour. Make it as appealing to the sight as can be.

5. Gifts and tokens- Buy foot spa gift set, a pet, a plant like a bonsai, buy seeds for an herb garden or Zen garden containing white sand, etched stones and candles; Vegan cook books, fitness and exercise CD’s/DVD’s, spa music CD’s or relaxing CD’s, instructional books on health and beauty, Gift basket like a Spa kit/Bath basket containing bath towel, aromatherapy oils, massage oils, organic soaps, body scrubs, edible flowers, etc.

All in all, any present whatever the amount is all about thought, attention and love. Appreciate what is there and love them for it!

They are also still accepting entries (until March 22, 2010) for "Send us your best BEACH photo/s (can be wackiest, funniest,sexiest, etc.) and win an overnight stay at Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park in Cavite and also get a chance to have the photo featured in our Parting Shot section. Email those photos to now!"

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Get to know our wonderful country, promote healthy living and a wellnessness lifestyle. If you also have time to travel and tour with us and experience indigenous therapies, for Filipino therapies and wellness travel, email me (also) so I can send you schedules and details -

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