Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why? Your specifics....

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Why? Your specifics.....

When asked, how much do you charge? We, Filipinos are shy to state specifics, it is normal to hear the replies "bahala ka na" (it's up to you) or "kahit magkano" (any would do) one of the reason is because we are have an indirect culture. Eastern culture's language is very indirect as opposed to Western way of saying things. We shy away from money or asking money but when I attended a non-profit organization's fund raising workshop, a couple of days ago, I realized that in some areas, specific answers are needed and it works and at other times, it doesn't. It has it's positives and negatives. It goes on to say that who is asking is also important. But in every area of fund raising even for non-profits, they need specifics.
When asked by a client of your fee/s. State the specifics.
When asked how much. State specifics.
When asked how many. State specifics.
When asked how often. State specifics.
When asked how much money you need. State specifics.

It also goes the same before embarking on any project or endeavor. It is important that we addess the specifics (yeah...and I would stress it again and say, it has to be specific answers NOT vague) on why we are doing such things.  A specific answer should give the following detail/s: a number (monetary or time-wise) or range or duration, it should be brief but should outline your specific outcome, result, desire or goal or vision of things. Things that you should answer for yourself BEFORE and not during the project...

Why are you starting a business?
Because I want to earn.- is vague.
Because I want to earn at least 10,000 Pesos a month -is better because it will narrow down your focus to businesses that can at least earn you a minimum of 10,000 Pesos a month.

Why do you want to teach?
Because I love teaching. - is vague.
Because I want to share my skills, talents and abilities in the area of spa, massage therapy and wellness. -is better because you focus on areas for which you want to specialize in. In any profession, there are generalists and there are specialists. There is nothing wrong with being a generalist or a specialist but consider this: their earnings are also different from each other. Specialists are paid more than generalists.

Why do you want to start a spa, massage clinic or wellness center?
Because I think its a good business.- is vague.
How did you know it is really a good business? Have you done any pro-forma financials? until you have, you cannot say it's a good business.
Because I love to get a massage, go to a spa or a wellness center. Although a good specific reason, it's not enough reason to start. In fact, this is one of the fatal reasons to start a spa business. Being a client is very different from being an owner. A client does not have to worry about staff ramblings, about monthly rentals and quotas- an owner assumes those responsibilities.

Why do you want to become a massage therapist? A spa therapist? A spa consultant?
Because I want to work abroad is vague.
Because I want to work abroad after two years, send money home and save for my retirement fund.- is better. But of course there are better reasons---- at least this reason is starting to get more specific.

Why do you want to volunteer?
Because I wanted to. -is vague.
Because I get my "highs" when I can see I am helping people in my own little way.- is better

By answering and writing down our why's, we will now see our flaws. What needs to be improved. We can dig deeper. Increase our thinking capacity. One thing that I have to learn and remind myself everyday. My whys should be specific....what are you whys?


Joey said...

Thank you Eunice, this is very informative.

Joey said...

Thank you Eunice, this is very informative.