Friday, November 19, 2010

BizWiz Consumer Review and What Spas, Massage Clinics and Wellness Center Professionals and Businesses can Learn from Them

BizWiz B.E.S.T. Workshop Consumer Review and What Spas, Massage Clinics and Wellness Center Professionals and Businesses can Learn from Them
by Eunice

It has been some time now since my latest consumer review for spas, massage clinic and wellness centers mainly because most of those businesses that I have gone to are not fit to be mentioned. Hehehe...let alone blogged about. When I blog, I would rather blog about exceptional, unique products and services. People that are linchpins not the ordinary ones. This I found with the BizWiz's B.E.S.T. (Beyond Entrepreneurship Skills Training) workshop. I think yung letter S dapat they have to change to Simulation hehehe.... Sometimes, it's also time constraints as I wanted to write about other services pero my time won't allow it. Oh well....

I will try my best not to write too much in detail here as it will defeat the purpose of the B.E.S.T. workshop (and I have to be careful not to divulge too much as we signed a NDA- non disclusore agreement...hehehe..fortunately Jason Estimado told me I am exempted from the rule). Okay first things first, there are five basic things I learned from the two-days workshop:

1. I found out that this is not a seminar but a workshop. People keep referring this as a seminar...I beg to disagree. A seminar is best for visual and auditory learners because technically, a seminar is (almost always) just a one way uni-directional type of communication. One speaks and the rest listens. Do not expect to just sit down, relax and sleep while the speaker or lecturer or facilitator gets in front. Be prepared to take part of the activities and finish them.

2. I found out that I am a kinestetic learner. I learn and retain things better when I DO things with my hands and get involved in activities with others and if you are that type of learner, this workshop is a very good fit for you. You have to figure things out on your own. How do you know if you know something? Kasi ginagawa mo na ang natutunan mo in your daily activities but kung hindi mo naman ina-apply sa buhay mo then, you have not learned at all.

3. I am very much aware of corporate social responsibility(CRS)- eto common..nothing new, but in this workshop we have to go beyond CSR. Businesses should earn profit while working towards addressing basic human needs which includes a range of issues such as health, wealth generation, equality, environmental managament and building trust-based relationships. This I have found sa B.E.S.T. workshop ng BizWhiz. Sana tayo rin na mga consumers of services maging mindful or concerned tayo sa role natin in creating a better and sustainable world. Hindi puwede yung bili tayo ng bili, attend ng attend ng seminars or events na wala namang impact sa buhay natin. I admit I am a seminar junkie- talagang mahilig ako sa seminars, workshops to the point of attending them outside the country pero the B.E.S.T. is one of those very few na I think would be a very good example of how to turn things around and I would be proud of promoting. Because the workshop is not really technical, it's streetwise---- and fun!

4. I have met a lot of informal leaders. The formal leaders are those with MBA's, two or three degrees and titles attached to their names but here at B.E.S.T. Biz Whiz workshop I have seen and met informal leaders. Informal leaders develop and they do not have any explicit qualification. They are seldom seen as high potential candidates for top leadership positions. I feel that the spa, massage therapy and wellness business should learn from them as we have to seek the creme dela creme of the industry without focusing too much on degrees and educational attainment, grammar and formalities.

5. B.E.S.T by BizWiz resources is one of the linchpins in the information, seminars and workshop industry. Thanks to the brilliant Seth Godin for the word. Linchpins or lynchpins are systems, concepts or people who do things that either hold the enterprise together or move it forward (or both). Linchpins do timely work that delights the recipient without expecting anything in return- the spirit of genuine giving. Satisfactory work, Godin argues, does not elicit the same response. Linchpins refuse to succumb to norms and be like all the other businesses or workers. They are creative, inspiring, proactive driving forces- I hope that BizWhiz will continue to become bigger and better too.

For me, linchpins are uniquely carving their niche in a seemingly very competitive business or professional environement. Kaya up to now hindi ko maintindihan bakit ang dami pa ring gustong mag put-up or mag start ng kanilang spa, massage clinic and wellness center without thinking what will differentiate them from the rest of the pack- aside from the price. Seasoned spa, massage clinics and wellness center owners know that you will not survive in the industry if you are not uniquely you. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, linchpins become mapmakers and chart new directions.

You and I are born equal pero different. Do you want to be really rich and happy? Do you want to stand out from the rest of those massage therapists, spa therapists or business owners out there? Then be yourself. Be what you really are. Be very good at what you do. This is the first step toward becoming beter than what you are today. Chose to become yourself. Huwag kang gumaya lang ng gumaya.

We cannot reach our true destiny kung lagi ka na lang habol ng habol at gaya ng gaya sa iba. You can't reach your destiny taking another man's road. If you will not walk in someone else's track you will not make new discoveries. You have to follow the leading of your heart and go instead where noonw has gone before you and leave a trail there.

Avoid following the crowd. Minsan, I will meet spa owners who are about to start their business in this industry who have their own originality. Hindi sila common na spa. Did you know that you are detined to be different? That is why we all have different fingerprints. God did not make any of us alike. Dare to be different in your field and follow your own star. How?

Sabi ng Romans 12: 6-8 We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.

So how will you develop your gifts. skills and talents inherent in you? Develop your interests and potential. The more you develop your talents and skills- the less you will be like someone else. Trying to copy the business of another is self-defeating. One of your main purpose in your life is to know thyself and give birth to yourself. Alamin mo kung saan ka magaling at saan ka mahilig na kahit nahihirapan ka eh- masaya ka then find a way to earn from what you love doing. Kung mahilig kang mag sulat at matagal mo ng pinapangarap na magsulat ng iyong libro then write what you love about. Buy books, CD's about book writing and publishing then interview people who have gone before you.

You canot be so-so, common, average, ordinary in order to stand out in this world, you have to be an original,  atypical, exceptional, extraordinary, unusual to be remembered. Common people, common places and common things get forgotten easily. You must be uncommon and be the best version of yourself, your profession and your business to be a champion and a superstar. Be a superstar in your chosen niche.

Do not let your life be a constant struggle between what you are not and what you should not. You are what God made you and a miracle. Be the best version of yourself.

Be YOU-nique and make a difference.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The TRUE Giftedness in Business and Career (of Spa, Massage Therapy and Wellness)

The TRUE Giftedness in Business and Career (of Spa, Massage Therapy and Wellness)

There are two types of business:
1. The business of giving to get and
2. The business of giving to love.
In the first type of business, the business exists only for attention, the emulation of others or the need of the entrepreneur to be liked or loved and thus to earn money.

In the latter type of business, it gives because it wants to serve people and loves the people they are serving. The entrepreneur is passionate about what he/she does and would like to share it with others. This should be the heart of every business and profession not only the spa, massage therapy or wellness industry. Money is just a way for these businesses to be rewarded financially. Eventhough their value is much more than money. It is always a blessing to do what you love and be paid for it.

There is nothing wrong if we want to be loved, liked and admired. It's one of our most basic need. But we have to realize that giving out of necessity and as a way of getting attention and to be loved, then this is not true generosity. That's toxic. You call that co-dependent type of person and it's lethal to your soul. Pleasing people so that they will love you in return is like buying their love. It's slow suicide.

One very close person that I knew very well always give gifts to her friends and colleagues. Whatever she can afford: food, clothing, shoes... things. People would always tell her "Oh you're so generous" but deep within, I know this person is one of the most miserable person on planet Earth. She is constantly sad within because she does not know who her true friends are. She doesn't know if her friends are really friends and are simply there because she gives them stuff. People abuse her (false) kindness or (seemingly) generosity. She is not receiving the rewards of her generosity because she is not really generous- she is needy. She is needy for attention, for friendship and love. She is giving because she felt the need to be accepted. She's giving out of need and fear not out of love. Gloom and grief fills up the space she created. She gives out of need thus even becomes more needy. How do I know this? Because that person was no other than--- myself.

I was needing true friends and I thought I can be more closer to others if I would give something especially material things. I learned. I gained wisdom. If your love tank is empty like me before, you need to do a few things:
First, allow God to love you. Pray from your heart and ask Him to give you the love that no human being can give you. Accept that God loves you and died for your sins and no matter what He is just a prayer away. Accept Him in your heart. Dedicate to Him your past, your present, your future.

Secondly, know yourself, accept yourself, love yourself and forgive yourself. Your height, color, size, weight, IQ level, etc. Improve yourself but love it anyway. Learn to be generous to yourself, celebrate being alive daily or waking up- celebrate everyday! Remember this, unless you truly love yourself, you will not be capable of loving others.
Therefore, in our life, we have to love first ourselves before we really love others. This is not selfish. This is just right.

An example of which is when we ride airplanes. Di ba kahit sa eroplano may sinasabi ang mga flight attendants na ganito: "In the unlikely event of a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will appear. Place the mask over your mouth and nose, and breath normally. If you are traveling with small children, secure your own mask first, and then help them with theirs....." Why do we have to secure our oxygen first before helping children with them? Why should grownups get the oxygen before the kids? It is very important for us adults, to make sure that we get the mask on quickly or we might pass out before we could help them and they would not be able to help us.

Let us love ourselves and forgive ourselves first before we can truly love and forgive others.

Third, be with people who will add value to your life NOT just people who are there because they want to sell something to you or they want to pick your brains. Be with people who will give out of something of themselves (example: time, Godly advise, effort, service, companionship, committment, etc.) to you for friendship and love. Dump people (I mean get out of a relationship or avoid them as much as possible) who are complainers- you know, those Debbie downers, the types who sucks the energy off of you but instead replace them with people who inspires you and improves your outlook in life. The circle of friends that you choose should be positive and inspiring people inspite of the rocky roads in life not the gloomy and pessimistic ones.

I repeat: the true wealth in business or any profession or career is being truly generous with your core gifts, skills and talents and sharing it with others. It is giving out of love, which fills our lives with more love. Then money will find a way to come.

To understand where I am coming from look at this video of my past.- Click on this link.

One way of loving yourself is doing what this little girl is doing.

So tell me, which type of business or profession are you about to start? The first or the second?

God bless you, your spa, massage business, your career, your profession, your family, your plans and goals!