Saturday, December 18, 2010

2011 Trends

2011 Trends for the Spa, Massage Therapy, Beauty and Wellness Industry
by Eunice

But before I share to you the 4 mega-trends here is one favorite music I wanted to share. Expect greater things to come in 2011!


By yunesa(at)
1. You-nique
Little by little, the culture for being unique and different will penetrate the market. People will put up a business not just to join the bandwagon but to differentiate itself from the rest. Businesses which tend to copycat (gaya-gaya) others will have more difficulty as the market is already saturated in most metropolitan areas. The results would be: Individualized unique selling propositions of different businesses and professionals in the industry; People and professionals would want to master and focus on their uniqueness and being different and applying them in their field of interest. The most innovative and the visionaries will win. So what will Asia offer uniquely? What will Filipinos offer that sets it apart from others? Shine! Shine bright!

2. Fusion
I have already written about this in 2010 as part of the emerging trend and this has already started in many industries this year 2010 but will become diverse in the years 2011 and beyond. I remember the story of the crab seller. He was selling German. American and Filipino crabs. Two containers were closed while the third was left open and one buyer asked why is the third one open. He replied that those are Filipino crabs and no one will be able to get out of the bucket because every other crab will pull him down. One thing that we have to practice hard is push each other up, bless people who are more successful than we are because our words come back to us four fold. If you think badly of the success of others, you won’t be successful because you will also be thinking badly of your own success, you will pull yourself down! So start blessing, loving and giving more.

Mergers. Combination. Grouping. Mixtures. Mingling. Hybrid. Togetherness. Collective. Collaborative. Unity. Whatever the term more and more people will realize that there is strength in numbers more and more businesses and professions will gravitate towards this trend. We have already seen for the past few years, the fusion of health and medical field with the field of alternative medicine otherwise known as Integrative or Complementary medicine. We can see more and more hospitals looking like spas and healing retreats. We can see migration of health professionals in the field of wellness. Other forms of fusion and grouping are websites with group buying online, which will increase in popularity. Social buying. Group buying. We already have group buying sites in the Philippines with websites like:
 (as of this writing the site is about to be launched soon by our Meetup friends at 98Labs )

As Seth Godin points out in his blog “Groupon is a very different thing. Here, it's not a hassle, it's the fun factor. Buying this way is exciting, you never know what's next, you do it with friends, the copy is funny, it's an adventure. As a result, many Groupon customers in fact do convert to becoming long time patrons of the place they tried, because they're not inherently cheap shoppers. When they're on Groupon they're hunting for fun. But if you offer an astonishing product and great service after they try you, they may convert into shopping with you for the long haul, not because you're a Groupon replacement, but because you bring them more than the alternatives. The net, once again, is making it easier to find and organize tribes of people, even for short durations. When you intersect these aligned groups with high-margin products, you can create fascinating commerce opportunities.”

I subscribe to all of these group buying sites online and I think they are great for consumers not only for cheapskates. I suggest for you to subscribe to. The popular motto: If you can’t beat them, join them will be a wise thing to do in these times. In the Spa, Massage Therapy and Wellness industry, fusion on the types of treatments, therapies, professions, businesses, websites and affiliates. Examples of fusion: In the spa, massage therapy and wellness profession: more and more health practitioners will be accepting alternative medicine and other spa therapies that prove to be scientifically effective. When it comes to services and activities spas will fuse/combine creative ways of spending time at the spa like: laughter yoga, flower arrangement, lei, macro-biotic cooking, vegetarianism, color therapy, digitization, etc. Who knows some courses in school will be defunct and/merged with another course? So in essence, don’t be left behind! Noone is an island, team up with others. Your weaknesses are all a sign that we need others to build a team. Build bridges!

To give a glimpse of the FUTURE see the funny video below:

3. Local Twists and versions

The nearer the source- the better it is for suppliers, distributors and consumers and the more popular it will become. More businesses will source out local products and indigenous “one-of-a-kind services and products”. In fact, a local version or an Asian version of almost everything will be invented, discovered and popularized. An increased awareness of one’s own culture will definitely boost creativity.

4. Mindology and Brainology
Bringing consciousness to the table means a lot of people will gravitate towards the need for self-fulfillment through the power of the mind. More and more eyes will be opened to new possibilities and opportunities by using brain power mainly because of the urgency in ones deeper self to make a difference. Implications will include: the need for spas to fuse music which stimulates our brain waves to be more creative, color therapy in schematics, amongst others.

Bottom line, we have to realize that although this business or profession is based on healing, passion and commitment to people, I believe that it is necessary to change in terms of how we deliver results financially. We have to evolve and be better if we want to grow individual business as well as our industry. If I could, I would teach, speak or write and give FREE advice to anyone who is willing to listen (and I know a lot of you out there are silently listening, Thanks to you.) but we are all on the same boat. We all need to make a living in something that we love doing. As for myself, I make my living by helping others start, create or change their business to be more successful in their business or profession so that we might all be better able to touch other’s lives and provide greater value for our clients and our community.
I hope that you understand that it is my deepest wish for you in 2011 that you heal yourself in career, work, business and relationships- and all the other areas in between so that you may continue to heal others. If I can be of service to you in accomplishing your goals, I want you to know that I am only an email away. If you are ready in changing for the better in the 2011 please do get in touch with me and like all of my clients who have been a family to me, all these years, I promise you two things:

1. If I can help your business or profession, you will be able to afford my services and

2. If I can’t help you, I will never sell you something you do not need.
My dear friend, I pray that you will…

• Spiritually, grow closer to God, our Creator.

• Financially, grow towards financial abundance and generosity.

• Physically, grow healthier and stronger.

• Emotionally, grow more peaceful.

• Relationally, grow in love.

Those are my aspirations for you.

Have a Victorious and Blessed 2011!

(If you want to know the trend last year please click on this link below:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Non-material, Unique and Memorable Gift Ideas


By yunesa(at)

Thank God Christmas na naman and we have so much to be thankful for. Indeed despite the odds, we are overcomers, we did not only survived but we grew and we thrived and have met a lot of wonderful inspiring people. Christmas is just a few days from now so before we rush to give gifts, let me enumerate several non-material and kung material naman we can make it as unique and as memorable as possible. When buying a unique and special gift for our loved ones we are using up all our creativity and resources to do so. If money is tight, every peso counts so there is no such thing as “cheap”, if you have really thought about it, no matter what the cost, then that’s what matters. Material gifts are not the only things that you can give so before buying something, listen to clues on what he/she really wants. Instead of the usual gifts, you can mix and match any two or three of these items depending on your budget. Last week I already started shopping for friends, mentors, business associates and partners in the spa and wellness industry most of them naman are outside the country so my challenge is to give something that is light and will stand the pressure of being transported in our postal system :-). My aim is to represent the country’s being unique and one of a kind kaya, I have window shopped at Ragds2Riches in Cubao and Echostore at Serendra. I think gifts that symbolize our core lifestyle and principles stand out from those expensive ones. In order to be special, I believe that a gift should always be a representative of ourselves and the people whom we wish to bless.

So, I came up with a list of non-material and unique gift ideas for this season:

1. Non-material and Experiential Personalized gifts

A. If you are a massage therapist or know how to professionally perform massage therapy, offer a massage or an hour of bodywork as a gift but if you are not, then buy a massage or spa gift certificate for them. Treat them to a spa.

B. If you are skilled in a particular area, offer a FREE lesson, class, personal training session or coaching to people you think really needs them but cannot pay you.

C. Volunteer for a special event or a Christmas party

D. Write an encouraging email. Tell some good news about your life and how that person has been a part of it. It was found out that the most successful people are generous with their praises. The more good things you look for in people, the more good things come to you. So write some encouraging letter or email to people whom you admire, who has helped you in anyway and people you look up to. Not only would they be glad to give you some advice or tips but more goodness will come to you.

E. Treat them to a restaurant, an ice cream parlor or a night out at the movies.

F. Take them to a beach, a zoo, a picnic or an amusement park.

G. Buy a gym membership for them

H. A gift certificate or ticket to a seminar, workshop, concert, sporting event, a game or show. One of our Meetup members and a dear friend of mine, Antoinette Villajin offers yoga classes for only 100 pesos.
Here is the link to her website:

I. Unforgettable getaway or weekend out of town

J. Baby-sit for them

K. Do the laundry

L. Clean the garden

M. Run at least 3 errands for the person

N. Feed the pet

O. Take them to Philippine heritage sites and museums

P. Pay for his/her music, art or massage/spa class

Q. Make a charitable donation in his/her behalf/name or pick a charity and whatever you would like to spend for that person, you should give it as a donation to that charity.

R. Write a poem

S. Compose a song

T. This one is from Yvonne Aburrow, organize a Jumble exchange; it works like this. Everyone brings clothes, books, ornaments or toys that they don't really use any more. It all gets laid out on tables or a tarpaulin in the garden (or in the house if you have room). Everyone picks out what they want (no money changes hands). At the end there's a "grand holding up" where everyone is shown what is left. If no-one wants it, it goes to a charity shop (thrift store). Usually there are three or four big bags left over to go to the charity shop. Another idea is to write out some nice poetry in calligraphy style and frame it. To avoid buying the frame, you could make it out of driftwood or broken china mosaic, or pebbles.

2. Unique things/items ( some of which you can make with your own hands)


a. Towels or slippers with embroidered names of the recipients

b. Collect quotes or inspiring stories and compile them in a personalized album

c. Bring some food that you cooked and prepared yourself. (Make sure that it has a long shelf life).

d. A pot of herb, orchid, flowers or local plant like those petite bamboos that does not need soil.

e. Hand-made recipe book

f. Christmas tree ornaments out of scrap

g. Bed and bath accessories with their name on it (either embroidered, painted or printed)

3. Memorable gifts and socially conscious gift ideas (but you can also make your own at home)

a. Hand-made organic soaps and candles (you can visit the website 90% of products there were formulated by Dra. Naomi Dilodilo, a dear friend of mine and one of our members at Meetup and her advocacy is bringing products of the Philippines in the global market. Plus, her products are not expensive and delicious pa!)

b. Handmade Christmas cards (Since I am artistically challenged and thought of giving not just ordinary Christmas cards bought in a local bookstore, I ordered mine from San Roque Handmade paper products Multi-Purpose Cooperative, you can browse over their hand-made Christmas cards and all occasion cards at this site By the way, they are located in Misamis Oriental so might as well order from them early so they can ship it to you. Depending on the number of cards, I ordered 32 pieces so mine arrived after ordering in less than a week. You can also call Emma Salvana at 09324454265 or contact Elnie-Balabaga Cagas Community Relations Department STEAG State Power, Inc.PHIVIDEC Industrial Estate Balacanas, Villanueva, Misamis Oriental 9002, Philippines Email:

Phone +63 (32) 230 8200 Fax +63 (32) 230 8283)

For your close friends, give additional cards for them to be able to send out to another person as well.

You can also send funny and nice Christmas e-cards for them like the one below:

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

c. Organic delights such as: honeyed candies, sweets and delicacies (see )

d. CD’s, DVD’s or movies that could make a difference like:

a. The Genius Club (Stephen Baldwin, Paula Parker, et al)

b. Blind Side (Sandra Bullock)

c. Fireproof (Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea)

d. Flywheel (from the Creators of Facing the Giants)

e. Love’s Enduring Promise (a film by Michael Landon)

f. Spa music CD’s

g. Inspirational audio books and CD’s

e. Organic stuffs and toiletries like soaps, shampoo and toiletries

f. Yoga mat

g. Inspirational books and audio books or books that promote the health and well-being of the person.

h. Hula-hoop or jumping ropes for the fitness conscious or wellness conscious individual.

i. Massager (electronic or wooden)

j. Buy some locally and organically grown food or delicacies

k. A pet

l. A magazine subscription

Before I end, one of the greatest gifts you can give others and yourself is the gift of forgiveness and acceptance. It will be your Christmas gift to the Lord. Any type of resentment, sama ng loob, pagkamuhi, inggit- it’s time to release them unto the Lord. Anyway, it is Jesus Christ’s birthday not ours. Happy Birthday Lord!

If you have other gift ideas not listed here or where to purchase it from, please do share it. I would be glad to publish it here.
Thanks and Merry Christmas to one and all!