Thursday, May 1, 2008

Philippine Spa, Massage and Wellness Blog

This BLOG is dedicated for the SPA, MASSAGE AND WELLNESS enthusiasts, activists, practitioners, those who needed information BUT are not able to get any or those who want to share and contribute their experiences in this industry.

We are now up and running and this blog would like to attract people in the spa, massage and facial therapy industry (especially here in the Philippines).

WELCOME TO THIS FAMILY AND KUMUSTA PO?Just to introduce myself: My name is Eunice, I'm a Medical Technologist, A massage and spa therapist and an Emergency Medical Technician. I have particular interest in Business and Entrepreneurship, Alternative Medicine: particularly in the realm of Health, Well-being and Wellness, Massage and Spa.

Your suggestions to improve this blog and personal views are of course, most welcome. I believe that significant result and improvement can be reached only by hard work and team effort. I hope that with your cooperation, this "family blog" will enhance our knowledge in the realm of health, massage therapy, spa therapies as well as business and entrepreneurship can even enrich us. Do you need information about massage, bodywork or are simply curious? Don't hesitate to learn more about our group. Sana everyone will take joy in posting for this blog, make new friends and forge bonds with fellow massage and spa lovers. I invite you to experience first hand the spirit of warmth and togetherness of the Filipino neighborhood-that we wish to accomplish and enjoy through this blog. I also hope that in our spare time we will also be able to write with us and sample many learning delights this blog has to offer.

I am looking forward to see how this blog would evolve and get some new ideas from our "family members". If you have any further enquiries about plans, programs, events and blogging ideas of our family take advantage of my contact details below:

Mobile +639184745685
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Salamat po ng marami

Eunice here

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