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The Smartest Spa/ Massage Therapist (Ang Pinaka Matalinong Spa / Massage Therapist)

The Smartest Massage/ Spa Therapist
(Ang Pinaka-Matalinong Massage/ Spa Therapist)

I would like to share a story about four people flying in a small airline plane going for a vacation. Itong small airline plane na ito has four passengers inside: may pilot, may minister and two young women, one of whom graduated on top of her class as a summa cum laude in a prestigious massage and spa school.

As they were flying, the pilot turned to his three passengers and said, “We are having engine trouble, I have a bad news and worse news, which would you like to hear first?” They all agreed to the bad news first. “The bad news is”, the pilot continued “we are having mechanical trouble, the plane’s going down and we will surely crash. The worse news is we only have three parachutes in the cabin and there are four of us”.

The pilot started to reason out “I have a wife and two small children, I am sorry but I am going to have to take one parachute” and without any hesitation, he grabbed one of the parachutes and jumped out of the plane.

The summa cum laude, immediately spoke, “I have been voted the graduate most likely to succeed in my spa school and have been honored as top of my class. I am sorry but I might be the one to come up with a cure for fibromyalgia through massage, who knows? I might even be the one to solve the economic problems of the industry.” With that said, the top graduate grabbed the second parachute and jumped.

The minister then spoke and said to the remaining young woman, who unusually remained calm, “Young lady, you take the last parachute, I have made my peace with God and I am willing to go down with the plane and die. Now take the last parachute and go before it’s too late.”

“Relax, Reverend” replied the young woman, “the top graduate, the one voted most likely to succeed jumped out of the plane with my knapsack. We have two parachutes left for the two of us.”

Lesson? A lot of young people think they are pretty smart especially if they came from reputable schools with high honors and adulation from people. But what they do not understand is that in this industry as in all the others, many things are to be learned, not in the massage table or in the spa lecture rooms but in the streets called life especially in the work place.

Like the top graduate, these smart people as they see themselves, jump out into the world without parachutes. They think they know it all, and they start pushing their way around to the point of hurting people and they will soon crash….because what they have is only a knapsack and not a real parachute.
It is okay if we are passionate at what we do, but if we, the younger generations started criticizing older generations or people just to impress others on how brilliant or talented we are, or we act on impulse at hindi tayo nagiisip bago magsalita then we start to recklessly hurt other people. In the long term, we are also hurting ourselves. Because believe it or not, the value we give to other people, is the value we give to ourselves. So relax and take it easy…..

Take time to study, analyze, keep your opinion to yourself, sabi nga sa isang lumang kasabihan na ang latang walang laman, pagulungin mo sa lansangan mas maingay pa daw sa batingaw (there is an old saying that an empty can sounds the loudest). Be tactful in saying things and pray before you react. Although siyempre minsan talaga gustong gusto mo ng mag react di ba? (Of course, sometimes you cannot help but react or defend yourself) As humans, we would always choose the way which has the least resistance. Sometimes, ito yung pag sasalita ng walang pakundangan kaya nga minsan mas gusto ko yung nag susulat kasi I can erase and edit eh yung salita? Pag nasabi mo na hindi mo na maibabalik. (Sometimes these are the words that we hurl to another person and sometimes, it is better to write because when you write something you can erase and edit while a hurtful word cannot be taken back). Kaya mas masakit sa aking palagay yung salitang isinulat or idinaan sa letter kasi may time pa tayong mag isip isip bago natin matapos ito di ba at magbago ng isip? BUT of course, if done in good taste, we should be open for a little nudge or reminder. Mas maganda siguro kung love letters ang sinusulat natin sa kapwa…hehe….(It would be better if we can write instead a love letter….)

In the massage and spa business industry, I also learned that there is a time for everything Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven. There is a time to speak and correct. Naniniwala ka ba na ang Diyos ang author ng time? (Do you believe that God is the author of time?) Siyempre, if you believe that God is the author of time, then you would trust him for the right time wouldn’t you? God is never a second too early or a second too late. God is always right on time because He is perfect.

I remember that when Fortune Magazine asked the Chief Executive Officers of many Fortune 500 companies what they consider the most important qualities for hiring and promoting their staff. Do you know what the unanimous answer was? Its their attitude especially of integrity and trustworthiness. Hindi pinag uusapan kung saan ka grumaduate (we are not talking here where you graduated). It is not your technical skills, knowledge, education and work experience that matters. But the good-old fashioned attitude. The qualities that God wants us to emulate from Him.

After more than eight years in this industry, I have come to realize that an inexperienced worker with a track record of loving his work and impeccable attitude of work ethics is much more preferable than a brilliant employee who graduated with high honors from a top university with questionable ethics. If I were to choose only one, I would rather hire for the attitude rather than the credentials.

Ang problema lang sa work ethics and attitude (the problem with work ethics and attitude)… that there is no school for them. The only thing we can do to achieve that is to surrender our lives to Christ and let Him lead our way. Even management experts agree that your attitude towards your work, determines the outcome of your work. Our attitude determines our future.

We would often encounter classified ads that says they are looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree, someone who graduated from well-known universities, with pleasing personality, a Licensed or Certified Massage/ Spa Therapist, hard-working, talented, ambitious, proficient in oral and written English and so on and so forth. Although these are very good qualities, no doubt about that, but they are not the most important qualities to look for. Mas maganda kung meron ka ng magagandang credentials mabuti ka pang tao. Talagang nakaka bless. Double blessing ika nga. Believe me, we need more of those people today more than ever before. I think if attitude and values are stressed more in our massage and spa schools today, less and less problems will be faced by spa owners and operators regarding staff attitude and lesser incidences of back biting, rumor mongering and lower percentage of staff turn-over. Because everyone will be looking out for each other’s benefit and not to each his own.

In Japan, managers and supervisors are not hired based on their education, abilities or skills. They were hired based on their mutual obligation to teach and train their staff. So Japanese managers devote 20-30% of their time developing the potential of their staff. If we are neglecting to look into the applicant’s passion to learn, to teach what he/she knows to the staff, we will have stunted growth in our spa, massage clinic or wellness center. Training should not stop with skills. It is a continuous process. If we will only train people in skills, the result is a pool of graduates who are bright, very good with massage and spa skills and educated in theory but who are individualistic, selfish, unable or unwilling to be a team player. Gusto lagi kanya-kanya. Para sa kanila…. Akin, ako…yun ang mahalaga…..(For them, I, me and myself are what is important). The hard truth is, kaya nagkakagulo sa spa dahil ang daming ayaw mag patalo. (That is why the spa human resources sometimes experiences chaos because nobody wants to give way). Everyone wants to have his or her own way.

The height of achievement in Japan is for the manager or supervisor is the promotion of his/her staff to a position higher than his/hers. Take note ha….higher than the manager or supervisor. There is a special ceremony pa nga to celebrate the occasion, and the celebration’s center of attention is not the one who got promoted but the supervisor or manager that made the promotion possible. There is a spirit of self-sacrifice at work within the framework of the corporate organization.

Ang totoong leader is someone who is willing to share their knowledge to develop people to the point of letting others surpass him in knowledge and ability. Effective leadership is always being a servant first and it does not come for just a year or two. It comes with years and years of persistence and hard work and believing in yourself and your people. One day at a time. The fruit of one’s labor does not come only after two months or a year, it comes in years and even decades of persistence. So there is still a lot to learn and to accomplish out there and we have only scratched the tip of the iceberg. We have to be sure we are hanging on to a parachute not a knapsack.

We know already that we are an effective servant if we are willing, at any moment, to receive from others and to learn from others.
Are we helping because we want to get something? Are we are helping even if we are not getting any monetary rewards? It is always a pleasure to give than to receive. But, we cannot give what we don’t have so we have to cultivate ourselves first before others. Even in an emergency inside an airplane, one should place the oxygen mask first to himself/herself before placing the other oxygen mask to a child di ba? Simply because you cannot help another person if you, yourself are also helpless.

When we also did or said something, we should be quick to apologize. It is said that the three most neglected words and the difficult things to say are: I am sorry, I love you and Thank you. So let us start practicing to use them more.
We are not perfect but we can make a difference.

To conclude, here is a song that I found very timely from Noel Cabangon (or is that a K?) entitled Ako’y Isang Mabuting Pilipino (I am a Good Filipino):

Akoy isang mabuting Pilipino (I am a good Filipino citizen)Minamahal ko ang bayan ko ( I love my country)Tinutupad ko ang aking mga tungkulin (I accomplish my duties and responsibilities) Sinusunod ko ang kanyang mga alituntunin (I follow my country’s rules and regulations)Tumatawid ako sa tamang tawiran (I would cross in the correct pedestrian lane)Sumasakay ako sa tamang sakayan (I would ride and alight in the correct spot)Pumipila’t di nakikipag-unahan (I would line up and will not get ahead of others who are already in line)At di ako siga-siga sa lansangan (I am not a street bully)Nagbaba’t nagsasakay ako sa tamang sakayan (I alight my passengers in the right place)Di nakahambalang parang walang pakialam (I do not just stop anywhere I want as if I do not care)Pinagbibigyan ko'ng mga tumatawid sa kalsada (I would always give way to pedestrians)Humihinto ako pag ang ilaw ay pula (I would stop when the red lights are on)Pagkat akoy isang mabuting Pilipino (Because I am a good Filipino citizen)Minamahal ko ang bayan ko (I love my country)Tinutupad ko ang aking mga tungkulin (I accomplish my duties and responsibilities) Sinusunod ko ang kaniyang mga alituntunin (I follow my country’s rules and regulations)Di ako nangongotong o nagbibigay ng lagay (I do not accept or give bribes)
Ticket lang ang tinatanggap ko’t binibigay (Only traffic tickets are given and accepted by me)Akoy nakatayo dun mismo sa kanto (I stand right in the corner)At di nagtatago sa ilalim ng puno (And I do not hide under the tree)Di ako nagkakalat ng basura sa lansangan (I do not throw trash in the streets)Di bumubuga ng usok ang aking sasakyan (My automobile does not emit smoke and polluntants)Inaayos kong mga kalat sa basurahan (I throw trash in the trash can)Inaalagaan kong aking kapaligiran (I take care of my environment)Pagkat akoy isang mabuting Pilipino (because I am a good Filipino citizen)Minamahal ko ang bayan ko (I love my country)Tinutupad ko ang aking mga tungkulin (I accomplish my duties and responsibilities) Sinusunod ko ang kaniyang mga alituntunin (I follow my country’s rules and regulations)Lagi akong nakikinig sa aking mga magulang (I listen to my parents)Kaya't pag-aaral ay aking pinagbubutihan (So I study hard)Di ako gumagamit ng bawal na gamot (I do not use prohibited drugs)O kaya’y tumatambay at sa eskwela’t di pumapasok (nor do I wander around and not go to school)Pinagtatanggol ko ang aking karangalan (I uphold my honor)Pagkat ito lamang ang tangi kong kayamanan (Because this is my only wealth)Di ko binebenta ang aking kinabukasan (I do not sell my future)Ang boto koy pinahahalagahan (I give importance to my vote)Pagkat akoy isang mabuting Pilipino (because I am a good Filipino citizen)Minamahal ko ang bayan ko (I love my country)Tinutupad ko ang aking mga tungkulin (I accomplish my duties and responsibilities) Sinusunod ko ang kaniyang mga alituntunin (I follow my country’s rules and regulations)Akoy isang tapat at totoong lingkod ng bayan (I am an honest and true servant of the people)Pabor o lagay ay di ko pinapayagan (I do not allow special favors and bribes)Tapat ang serbisyo ko sa mamamayan (I practice honesty in serving my fellowmen)Di ko binubulsa ang pera ng bayan (I am not corrupt and do not place the money of the people in my pocket)Pinagtatanggol ko ang mamamayang Pilipino (I defend my fellow Filipino)Mga karapatan nila’y kinikilala ko (I acknowledge and uplift their rights)Ginagalang ko ang aking kapwa tao (I respect my fellowmen)Pinaglalaban kong dangal ng bayan ko (I defend the honor of my country)Pagkat akoy isang mabuting Pilipino (because I am a good Filipino citizen)Minamahal ko ang bayan ko (I love my country)Tinutupad ko ang aking mga tungkulin (I accomplish my duties and responsibilities) Sinusunod ko ang kaniyang mga alituntunin (I follow my country’s rules and regulations)

Attitude…. It’s an everyday thing, don’t you think?

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