Monday, September 27, 2010

The Most Important Question

I have always wondered about what moves people to start a spa, massage clinic or wellness center business? or to enter the profession as a massage therapist or a spa therapist? The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself before Entering or Starting Any Project or Endeavor is the Question of Why will I do this? Why will I start this business? Why will I enter this field? Because our why will determine our how’s. If your why is not enough for you to act, then no amount of how can make you move or take action. Kahit na simpleng simple lang ang mga dapat gawin para makamit mo ang iyong mga pangarap kung wala ka talagang “deep desire” na tinatawag, walang mangyayari. Hindi ka kikilos at hindi ka gagawa. We have a saying that goes “Kung gusto, may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan” (If there is deep desire, there is a way if there is no desire, there are excuses” or “if there is a will, there is a way”). The Philippine culture is full of stories of the chivalry of men who loved deep enough that they are willing to cut woods, sing “harana” or give their lives, just to prove that his love is worthy of his beloved’s attention. “Malayo man, malapit din, pilit ka ring mararating, wag lamang masabi mong di kita ginigiliw.” Ika nga, Love will find a way. Because it really will. Because no matter how difficult a task is, if it is done with love, it seemingly is easy. Consider a young man carrying bamboo and bricks to bring to the house of his beloved as a gift to her parents or a woman having to wait for years for her beloved to return to her because of a promise- those are just examples of sacrifices that are difficult to bear if you do not love the person to whom you dedicate your efforts, but if you love the person enough, you will bear these sacrifices just to show how much you really care and will do it with passion and enthusiasm. But if you really don’t love that person, you will not lift a finger and will just find excuse after an excuse. You will not run out of excuses. Ganun din sa trabaho o sa negosyo, kung hindi mo talaga mahal ang trabaho at negosyo mo hindi ka gagawa ng mga bagay na mahirap at makakapag-pahirap sa iyo kahit pa madali yung gawin para sa iba.

There was this woman who was trapped in a burning three story-house. Below her, were two men who were shouting at her to jump and they will catch her. The first man was very muscular, athletic built and physically able to catch her but the other person, was thin, “lampayatot” (seemingly sickly) and was shouting out her name to jump. When the woman finally decided to jump, she jumped right through the arms of the second man, the one who was thin and considered “lampayatot”…why? Because he is her husband. She knows that whatever happens, her husband would not let her go and would save her even if he seems he does not look quite like it. She trusts her completely to know that deep inside her heart, she would whatever it takes to see her safe. That is how we should also see our God who is in Heaven. God found a way for us to be saved from all our transgressions.

That is also how we should view our decisions in life, it should be answered with your heart into it not just for love of profit or money that will come. The basic question to really answer is “why” am I doing what I am doing? Why will I do what I want to do? Why am I not doing what I am supposed to do? Why? Then after you have found your why’s- find a way or find ways to make your dream a reality. But first, answer your why…

And only you can answer.

Passion without action is not good enough -yunesa

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