Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tukneneng Brain

Tukneneng Brain
by Eunice Estipona

Tukneneng Brain says I am not in the mood to write my spa business plan
Wisdom says I will do whatever it takes even if I am not in the mood
Tukneneng Brain says I am sick and tired of working in the massage clinic
Wisdom says I am committed to constantly learning and growing
Tukneneng Brain says I do not like to go to the Meetup
Wisdom says go out, have fun, bless others and enjoy life to the fullest
Tukneneng Brain says "he is not good, she is bad and they are not good enough"- so who cares?
Wisdom says bless those whom you hate
Tukneneng brain says tomorrow, tomorrow...tomorrow.
Wisdom says cease the moment, you only have today to look forward to
Tukneneng brain spreads gossips, rumors and is resentful of the success of others
Wisdom says cursing others is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.
Tukneneng brain thinks like a crab
Wisdom brain thinks like an eagle

So whom are we going to follow? The tukneneng brain or the wisdom that sets in?
Everyday, we are faced with choices. Choices that can either have a positive effect or a negative effect on ourselves and others. Yesterday, I was with a bunch of energetic and talented group of youth (I love being with younger generations as I can so much learn from them as they learn from me) whose common ground is the love of music, as their event speaker, I imparted how our very own words, our thinking and attitude affects our lives- and the lives of others. Our thinking pattern influences our brain and thus, our actions. Our attitude either empowers us or disempowers us.

It all starts with either the tukneneng brain or the wisdom brain. It's your choice.

To live a healthier life: bless those whom you want to become, those whom you want to help and those who hate you -yunesa


Anonymous said...

hello miss eunice! grabe your insights are really superb. i learn a lot from you. these are really nuggets of wisdom for me...renz

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