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One Thing You Could Do Everyday to Increase the Quality of Your Spa, Massage Clinic, Wellness Center Operations

One thing that you could do everyday to increase the quality of your Spa, Massage Clinic and Wellness Center Business and Profession

The one thing that you can easily start and finish everyday to increase the quality of your business, your work, your profession especially in the spa, massage clinic and wellness center business is that everyday focus on things that you are most grateful for and think of ways how to thank your clients, staff and colleagues. You say it warmly, graciously, sincerely and specifically.

I will list down below ways on how you could do that:
  1. Send a quick email thanking your clients for the business they bring into your doors and your staff on the great job they did for the years that they have been with you.
  2. Acknowledge any email from those whom you know personally, even if the email only contains Thank you.
  3. Send an e-card and say thank you in many dialects of the Philippines:
English                    Thank you very (so) much
Tagalog                   Maraming salamat
Kapampangan         Dakal a Salamat
Hiligaynon               Madamu nga salamat
Cebuano                 Daghang Salamat
Ilocano                   Agyamanak
Chabacano (Zamboanga City)   Gracias
Yakan (Basilan)      Megsukul teed
Tausug (Sulu)         Magsukol
Waray                   Salamat
Ilonggo                  Salamat
Gaddang (Kalingga Apayao)     Mabbalat
Ibanag  /Ybanag (Cagayan/Tuguegarao)   Mabbalo’
Itawis                    Mabbalat
Ivatan                   Dius mamahes
Pangasinense        Salamat
Bicolano               Salamat na marhay
Iloko                    Pagyamanan unay (some version)
Samar-Leyte        Damu nga salamat

Although there more than 120 to 170 dialects of the Philippines (depending on how you classify them), I hope I got it all right. If not, and you know the right terminology, please email me.Thanks to Stephen Santos for the additions.)

  1. Send a small token of appreciation: a post card perhaps (?) (I got this idea from one of my millionaire friend and a good friend Joey Magtibay) to those people who has helped you in your business and in your life as a whole.

  1. Send a poem, a quote and the person’s relevance to your business.

Example:          We are grateful to be of service to you and want to say thanks again for visiting our or my (spa, massage clinic or wellness center). Rest assured that we will always take care of your spa-mpering needs. Call us anytime!

                        Thank you for choosing _______ (name of your business) and being part of our (service/product/spa) launching. We hope you would return soon, we would be happy to serve you again.

                        Thank you for spending you spa-rty here. We hope we exceeded your expectations and we look forward to be of service to you now and in every occasion you choose. Please do not hesitate to let us know about how we can serve you.

  1. Since Filipinos love to text, then send a text message and say thank you as above.
Now it’s your turn. Send an email, jot a note, write a card. Be grateful and show it. Make someone feel valued. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you as well. Let gratitude multiply and spread!

See the two videos below to increase the probability of being more grateful everyday:

Live with Gratitude!

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"One Thing You Could Do Everyday to Increase the Quality of Your Spa, Massage Clinic, Wellness Center Operations"
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