Sunday, January 16, 2011

Your Job

Your Job

In my book, the Spa, Massage Therapy and Wellness Resource Book and Career Guide, I wrote all about job descriptions in the area of spa, massage therapy, beauty and wellness. While I wrote about what makes a good massage therapist, I should have written also what makes a great massage therapist. So what makes a great massage therapist? Here are a few:

A good massage therapist implements government rules and regulationss
A great massage therapist implements more than rules but according to highest standards and including personal ethics in the profession.

A good massage therapist must be able to develop good rapport with clients.
A great massage therapist treats clients not only as a cash cow but a family to take care of.

A good massage therapist’s primary responsibility will include providing massage therapy tailored for individual clients.
A great massage therapist’s primary responsibility should not only provide massage therapy tailored for individual clients but sees to it that  they are providing relief from stress and muscle tension.

A good massage therapist has great hands.
A great massage therapist has a loving character and great hands.

A good spa owner gives salary to their staff.
A great spa owner gives salary, benefits and provides a healthy workplace for everyone where everyone gets to enjoy working.

In reflection, our job in life is to know our purpose by our strengths, where we are good at, where our talent resides and hone them. Our job is to make use of that strength for blessing others. Yesterday, Dean Pax Lapid (the Author of Negosyo 21 Steps on How to Start Your Own Business) told us that we have to master our self first before aspiring to go into business. Our passion should be where our business is. I guess that is why a lot of people hop from one job to the next, they hop from one career to the next because they haven’t found their rainbow- what makes them tick. What makes a person excited everyday to go to work on something or for someone is the passion behind. Not everybody is born a massage therapist, a spa therapist or a spa, massage clinic or wellness center owner. Not everyone is born an entrepreneur or a business person. But everyone is born with a gift. I have a relative (whose name I will not divulge because it might be hazardous to my health), he graduated with high honors from one of the prestigious universities in the Philippines and yet, he jumps from one career to the next. He hopes the next job will satisfy his wanting and his desire for a fulfilled life. I believe there are four types of people on Earth:

The "sorrowful" because they have not found and do not know their purpose in life.
The "mediocre" who know their purpose in life but do not work on it everyday.
The "missing out" who know their life’s purpose but do not work on it everyday
The "blessed" who know their life’s purpose and work on it daily to bless others more.

So, which among the four do you belong and how will you jump from one stage to the next? First, you have to answer these self- inventory questions:

Question #1: What do you love and enjoy doing? (Even if you are not getting paid for it at the moment, you will still do the best of your ability to do this wholeheartedly, san ka hiyang? does the path you are traveling capture your heart?)

Question #2: What area of your life do you excel? (What do close people say that you are good at? What are you inherently good at? What do you have a talent for?)

Come on. As Ping Sotto (also the Author of 21 Steps on How to Start Your Own Business) told us last week, we are all brought into this world with something. Hindi puwedeng wala. I believe God gave each of us a gift. Our job is to find it and cultivate it and follow our own rainbows. Not the path of others. Not the calling of others.

On a scale of 1 to 100, here is my inventory of gifts:

Technical aspects of computer technology: 60%
I never liked thinking about mechanics or how a machine works. I never liked driving so As much as possible, I employ a driver. I would rather commute than drive. Need I say more? I like clicking on the computer but, ngunit, subalit, datapwat, bagamat- when I have any trouble with my netbook and laptop- I learned to fix anything with just one tool: the telephone or my mobile phone (hehehe).

Numbers and Mathematics: 70%
Ewww…..I would run away if you would tell me what is the sum of 2 + 2? Hehe…. I have finished college without having to memorize 8 X 7. J Wait…I have to get my calculator. That is why I took up medical technology and emergency medical technology to avoid numbers. My strength lies in memorizing concepts rather than details especially numerical details. I am good with English though and I think I have a knack for writing. Thus, this blog (wink). I need to work more on this. Slowly, I am getting to love accounting especially in my finances. But I still need to improve on this.

Cooking and household work: 80%
Cooking for me is okay but baking? Nah! I am not fond of sweets or anything sweet. Unlike most, I am not a fan of chocolates. Sorry chocolate lovers.....if given a choice, I would rather choose flowers rather than chocolates but Filipinos are generally chocolate lovers. I love to cook because I love to eat. I can cook vegetables and pasta or noodles. I can cook tasty meals (or so they say.). I can cook for family and friends but I cannot cook for a living- that I am sure of. I love cleaning but behind my mind, I would rather work on stuff that only I can do and delegate this to the maid. But then again, its one form of exercise on my part.

Writing: 85%
Although I love to write, I do not always have the luxury of time to sit down and gather my thoughts. A blog normally gets to be written anywhere from a day to more than 3 days before I post it. I have numerous ideas to share but I need to hone my skills in terms of expressing myself clearly. But I am thankful for the thousands who have, through the years have read and have been helped by my articles online. I am grateful to God for that. But then again, I still need to hone this talent. In writing I would say also that my spelling and grammar is way below 85%- maybe 80%.

Learning and teaching: 90%
I love reading. My library at home keeps getting bigger and bigger. I believe in life long learning. I love learning and attending seminars, conventions, trade fairs, workshops, etc. Having to travel all the way from the Philippines to other countries because I believe it’s one way for us to grow. I love to share what I know. I have even started having to give a lot of FREE seminars before (only about my field though). Until I realized that I can earn from it. Now I am trying to renew my mindset. I believe that our talents are also a way for us to be financially free. I am not a trainer, I am a teacher. A trainer focuses on skills while a teacher focuses on the application of theories and knowledge. I am very blessed because I have learned from the best.

Managing people and leadership: 83%
I need help on this too because I tend to be too friendly and too trusting. I need to realize that at times, it is better to act like you are the boss rather than if you are “just one of the staff”. I have to improve on my leadership skills. As my Myer’s Briggs Test shows:
ENFJ - "Persuader". Outstanding leader of groups. Can be aggressive at helping others to be the best that they can be. 2.5% of total population.
You can take your FREE Myer’s Briggs test on this blog. Just scroll down to the right lower hand portion of this blog. You can click on that link.

Business and Entrepreneurship: 80%
I need to know more about how a business works within my sphere of passion. I need to know whether I am on the gaining aspect or losing aspect as people also tend to ask me too much favors which I am having a hard time saying "no" to. I found a solution and I am grateful for my PA (Personal Assistant), Cecile. I need to be reminded that I need to be paid for my services and she does that for me. I need to learn so much more.

Upon finishing your inventory, separate the items where you excel best and pray that God will guide you. You can also share it with someone who knows you best and who will support you in your endeavor. Find and join a support group too. Like Meetup (wink again).

I believe that you are here to bloom in wherever we are planted so use your talents and skills to achieve your life’s fullest potential.
If I may add an email shared to me by Ted:

Money.. I become greedy
Power... I become controlling
Sex... I become lustful
Myself...I become selfish
Drugs/alcohol...I become depressed
Work...I become workaholic
People...I become codependent
Church activities... I become religious

Do you really want to achieve your highest potential? Start within. Next week, will talk about money and finances....

Love the thing you do and you will do better and bigger things!

Live your life to the fullest! Live with purpose!


Heather said...

If you're passionate about your job you'll be great at it. Most people don't have a job their passionate about. That's a problem in most people's lives, but doing what you love will make you excel.

eric said...

In the Philippines SPA business we seldom see salaried SPA and Massage Therapists unless working in a 5 star hotel, resort or Salon. The rest uses commission, sharing scheme, tips without much benefits provided. I hope SPAs can also provide SSS and Philhealth benefits and provide 13th month pay for their staff.