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The Spa, Massage Therapy, Beauty and Wellness Professional's Prayer Collection

The Spa, Massage Therapy and Wellness Professionals Prayer Collection
Eunice Estipona

Here is a collection of prayers of adoration, acknowledgement, thanksgiving and petition for the spa, massage, beauty and wellness industry stake holders. I encourage you, whatever your position in the spa, massage clinic or wellness center, to pray everyday with a spirit of expectation. Expect for the best, expect that God will make a way, God answers prayers and that God will provide- because He will.

Please share this collection of prayers with anybody in the spa, massage and wellness industry: your friends, staff and colleagues and find a prayer that suits you best.

Prayer of a Spa Concierge/ Receptionist/ Front Desk Staff

Lord thank you for hearing my prayers that even before I ask you, you already know what I need better than I know what I need. Thank you Lord because whenever I ask, I receive, whenever I seek, I find and whenever I knock, doors open to me. You make your angels go before me to work to clear my path. You make my day of work both enjoyable and filled with love. Bestow upon me the wisdom and wit to create the right impression for the establishment that I am working for. Give me the knowledge to know and suggest the specific treatments and therapies for each client that enters the door. I pray that I will make the right reservations, be able to organize treatment sessions and be very patient in handling people. Give me the ability to communicate effectively and tactfully. Let me enjoy my work to entertain questions and queries by guests over the phone or face to face. May I assign the right client to the right therapist, acknowledge and greet guests in a courteous manner. Making them feel as if they have entered their own complete sanctuary and a different environment than their usual. May I assist all of our team members such as the massage therapists, spa therapists, facial therapists and even the spa owners in making the establishment a profitable place for us all. May I fulfill your divine purpose in my life and make me do everything with gladness of heart, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer of a Reflexologist

I rejoice that you have given me the skill and the knowledge in reflexology. Your power is in me whenever I perform reflexology. You are my strength and my power without you I can do nothing. I exercise the gifts and virtues that you have given to me. You empower me to do what is right, to say the right things and to follow your will in my work as a reflexologist. Lord God, grant me the professional skill to perform hand, foot and ear massage. Let my professional experience be shared with others through my hands. Let me see the progress of good health and stamina that each session is giving my client. May I be able to establish good rapport with my clients, a peaceful working relationship with my co-workers and a concerned attitude toward my superiors. May I be able to identify the concerns of the client and be able to use the right techniques for their health and well-being. Make my heart genuinely interested in working with people and be comfortable in touching their hands, feet and ears. May I exceed the professionalism and sense of care required from most professionals, in Jesus’ most precious name, Amen.

Prayer of a Massage Therapist or Bodyworker

I praise you and adore you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I know and I feel that you are blessing me right now dear Lord. You are pouring your anointing oil upon my hands as I pour the oil to my client’s body. You are blessing my oily hands with a double portion of your Spirit, your gifts, your virtues, and your healing. Make my skill, profession, and knowledge a positive force to affect the health and well-being of my client. Use my thumbs, hands, elbows, palms, knuckles and fingers to relieve the pain or tension in the muscles of my clients. May each technique provide relaxation and relief from all body, muscle and joint pains. Give me the strength to perform massage therapy that alleviates painful ailments, decompresses tired and overworked muscles of the body. May I always support other service providers in giving the best positive experience for the clients and be consistent with what the client needs according to massage and spa protocols and accepted professional practices. May I be able to assess the condition of the client, maintain proper body mechanics, proper decorum and be able to develop loyal clients under my care. Use my hands and physical capability to meet my client’s expectations in knowing how to knead, rub, rock, tap or apply pressure to client’s sore muscles and limbs. Use them to induce relaxation, assist in rehabilitation and contribute to their overall physical and emotional well-being. Let something good come out of this massage therapy session because I know that your abundance is above and beyond what I can comprehend. Through my massage therapy skill, a mountain of blessing awaits my life and through this skill, will I give glory to you Oh God. In Jesus’ marvelous name, Amen.

Prayer of an Esthetician, Facial Therapist, Skin Care Technician or Beauty Therapist

I praise you Lamb of God, King of kings and Lord of lords. You are my fortress and my delight. I am safe in the center of your perfect will, so lead me in your path for my work today. I trust you completely for my work and my future as an esthetician, facial therapist or beauty therapist. Today, I ask you Lord to let me begin in the inward beauty of a person and of myself. Let my work help alleviate skin disorders and help others improve and beautify their skin. Give me enthusiasm, team spirit and the knowledge fit for a professional with this skill so that the aesthetic treatments that I will perform will promote a feeling of well-being, care, tactfulness and a radiant looking skin. I pray that I will be able to execute services to accommodate the needs of my clients without compromising service, standards and sanitation. May I be able to recommend home care routines to each client serviced, so that each may have a clear skin. May I always be pleasant, caring and have a genuine interest in what I do. May I be able to adapt to change, calmly and efficiently multi-task, with an emphasis on cooperation and courtesy to my colleagues including the management. Let me use the right skin care product, the right techniques to the right client and be able to perform aesthetic procedures. May I be able to recognize skin problems that I must refer to dermatologists, podiatrist, plastic surgeons and other medical practitioners. Give me a heart to desire what you want from my life, to walk in confidence as I follow you daily, and be able to share my ability to others, in Jesus’ most powerful name, Amen.

Prayer of a Spa Therapist, Spa Technician or Spa Attendant

You are my delight, you guard over my heart and my soul. You mold me into your Son’s image through my work as a spa therapist, spa technician or spa attendant. Let my skill of providing treatments be evident in the work of my hands to improve the general appearance and the client’s well-being suit different client objectives. Give me competency, dear God with the variety of spa therapies and utilize what I know to satisfy and empower guests on the spot without hassle. Give me the knowledge, wisdom and discerning spirit to assess what products and services will be most beneficial for the client, perform body treatments on clients with care, professionalism and attentiveness to each client’s needs. May I always find it enjoyable to maintain treatment rooms to the highest standards of cleanliness, hygiene and presentation ensuring that all products and treatments delivered to every individual client are appropriate to the guests’ needs and condition. Let me shine His light through what I do and through the work that I do, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer of a Spa, Massage Therapy and Wellness Instructor, Trainer or Teacher

God in Heaven, Maker of Earth, thank you for renewing me everyday. You revive my spirit and give rest to my soul. You turn every problem into a spring of blessing. Dear Lord, I submit my students to you today to the level that I want them to be better in what they do, even if it means being better than me. Grant me the dedication to positively teach what I know, the guts to face a knowledge hungry crowd, and the ability to communicate effectively. Bless the information and the teaching that I will share today that my students will be able to use it to bless others and develop their skills and competencies. Let me be a knowledgeable guide and be able to provide an environment where my students can develop their understanding and cooperation with each other. May I always speak passionately in my subject matter. May I always be committed in imparting knowledge and developing my student’s potential instead of just letting them memorize facts and techniques. May I always inspire my students to open themselves up for more learning and acceptance of others and be able to use what they have learned to benefit others. I know that everything I need and ask for will come to me through the right opportunities, learning, circumstances, events and people. Nothing is ever impossible for those who believe, and so I claim the fulfillment of my hopes and dreams. In the Mighty name of your Son Jesus Christ, Amen.

Prayer of a Spa, Massage Therapy and Wellness Speaker or Lecturer

I adore you. I praise you. I worship you with my heart, mind, body and soul. Let my mouth be your mouthpiece. Let the words that will be uttered in my lips be your words. Let me bless my audience and provide expert support in the spa, massage therapy and wellness field. Let me be a force for good, be able to motivate and carefully plan my speech so that my audience will be able to learn and apply them in their lives. Let this event of speaking be a memorable experience both to my audience and to myself- so that I may speak the truth with love and understanding, and that I myself will be able to apply them in my own personal life. Let me have an insatiable appetite to learn and hone my speaking skills, know my audience, and be able to provide information relevant to this industry. Let the content of my lecture and speech be delivered with love and blessings to all those who hear. I trust in you Lord with all my heart and lean not in my own understanding. In all my ways, I acknowledge You. In You I stand secure and know that my past, present and future is in His hands. I face my audience with confidence and inspiration from above, Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen.

Prayer of a Spa Supervisor

You are causing my life to overflow. You Oh Lord have made me glad. I will shout for joy and sing praises to you my God. Dear God, today I submit to you my responsibilities to aid the spa manager in his/her tasks. Help me in the back end operations of the spa. Make me a team leader in the absence of our spa manager and a responsible overseer when needed. Let me focus on the frontline nuts and bolts of running a spa, act on behalf of a spa manager when one is not available, and provide leadership for spa attendants and spa reservation staff. Let me recognize every lack and be able to make-up for it. Let your protective arms surround me. Thank you for the miracles that come my way and thank you for granting my prayers in the best possible ways that my mind cannot not even comprehend. Every living thing conspires to bless me and my work. Thank you God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Prayer of a Spa Director or Operations Director

You are glorious, You are wonderful, You are ever present and All-knowing. Your goodness and kindness follow me. You are awesome in my life and in my workplace, Mighty God. You are blessing me beyond measure and overflowing for others to be blessed as well. Use me as a channel of your love in overseeing the spa, fitness and leisure area. Let me set fair and workable policies that create the daily routine of all spa staff under me. Bless me in keeping the spa running smoothly to make sure that the staff operates with peak efficiency through coordination, communication and cooperation. Provide me with the knowledge to be responsible with financial budgets and outcomes, for growing new business opportunities, developing the market, and overseeing the staff around me. Let me have a sincere desire to help other people, to have excellent and first-rate communication and interpersonal skills, and to have the determination and persistence to achieve success. Let me be a spa director who is driven and passionate about understanding the client and exceeding their expectations and commit to develop my staff who works on these clients. Give me wisdom to look for solutions and problems that arise instantly. Make me organized, able to act on my initiative and be a reliable team leader. Give me the striving attitude to deliver financial goals with sound business acumen, high level of empathy towards those below my position, be emotionally mature, level-headed and can deal with different situations from different people at the same time. Let me have on my sleeves effective marketing strategies, negotiating skills, an eye for detail and a mentor for the professional growth of my staff. Let not the clients and other people see the stress that I am under in order to be truly present for guests and employees so that the spa can be financially successful. Make every move I make bring peace, love and joy unto others. Let me serve you by serving others, through Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Prayer of a Spa, Massage Clinic and Wellness Business and Operations Consultant

You are Lord that completes me and in your presence am I made whole. You root out any negative emotions in my heart, in my soul and in my mind. You set me free. God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, give me the wisdom to address the issues and concerns of my client and to be able to solve the specific issue at hand. Give me the knowledge and wisdom to handle all aspects of spa start-up including market assessments, financial feasibility and overall marketing plan. I pray that every problem, concern and circumstances that bother my client be cast away. I will grow deeper in love with you Lord through serving the needs of my clients and their businesses with each passing day. Let your abundance in supplying our needs be made open unto us as you prosper the work of our hands. As I use my strength, my knowledge and my gift to serve my clients and be richly rewarded. I praise you for the generosity and for giving us the steps to improve the business and lead my clients to abundance. Bless this professional relationship together as we grow and serve you deeper and deeper everyday. In the Mighty name of Jehovah God, Amen

Prayer of a Spa, Massage Therapy and Wellness Book Author, Writer, Blogger

Father God through your mighty son Jesus Christ, I submit to you my ability in writing. I ask you to bless the words that I type and write. I commit myself to enrich others through my writings, articles, blogs and books. I am truly wealthy with the knowledge that you have given me and since I am in a position to influence others through my writings, let this blessing flow through other people’s lives. You have given me a heart to serve others through what I write so let my hands be your hands and let me go the extra mile to serve others through whatever I write. Let my readers experience the words that I write change and transform others to be better persons and individuals to be able to fulfill your purpose in their lives. Let me serve you and others with humility, expecting others in return-not even acknowledgement or praise because your praise and acknowledgement is what I deeply aspire for. In Jesus mighty name this I pray. Amen.

Prayer of a Spa, Massage Clinic and Wellness Owner or Entrepreneur

You are with me Lord in this business endeavor. You are transforming us to be better citizens and better entrepreneurs for our own country, the people that work for us and the people that we serve. You are our model and to you, and only you, will we trust and obey. May those who seek physical health and well-being find our place a haven of rest and relaxation. May our staff who serves them, serve them with care and sympathy. You Lord are ordering the events that lead to the establishment of this business so that people I need to help will cross my path. You are sending your angels to protect our premises, the equipment and my staff and to aid me in our daily operations. You cause the right people to be favorable to me. Thank you. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

What is a prayer? Commonly, it’s an uttering of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication, and requests to a higher being- some call Him Allah, some call Him Jehovah, some Jesus Christ, some God the Father, I call Him God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. But mere prayer is not a prayer until we actually say it, believe in it and/or do it. A prayer is more than words. Did you know that what we think, say and do are also forms of prayers? God answers prayers: not the prayers that we merely say- the prayers that we think and do weigh much more than verbal prayers. You might be verbally praying to pass your licensure examination, but if on the other hand, you are not studying your lessons then what you are praying for is really to fail. If you are verbally praying for financial abundance but you do not save a portion of your income, then you are really praying for poverty. If you are praying for the downfall of another person then you are also cursing yourself because whatever you sow you reap. If you are praying to become one of the best massage and spa therapist in town but you do not want to learn different techniques and you are not interested in studying about them- then you are praying to be a mediocre spa and massage therapist. If you wanted to write a book on spa, massage therapy and wellness but you do not like writing your thoughts and compiling what you know then you are praying not to become an author. If you are praying for a successful spa, massage clinic business and yet you do not want to read numbers or you do not want to make a business plan then you are really praying for failure. If you are praying for the right opportunity but you are ignoring your core gifts and positions that only offer a small salary then you are not really praying for the right opportunity because with these small opportunities lies greater abundance. Remember Joseph started as a slave in Egypt, David started as a sheep caretaker. Its not only the words that we speak during prayer time. Because what you think, say and do- is actually your prayer.

May all your prayers give you love, joy, peace and prosperity!

God bless you more!


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