Thursday, August 20, 2009

Skin Perfect Facial Salon at SM Fairview

Skin Perfect Facial Salon and General Merchandise Consumer Review

I visited this branch of Skin Perfect Facial Salon at SM City Fairview Mall AX2 014 Quezon City last August 4, 2009. The reception area is clean and in order behind the counter area are the retail products on display. I am impressed with the interiors. As you enter the inside premises, the pathway is a bit similar to Mandara Spa at The Royal Orchid Sheraton in Bangkok but the illumination is brighter here. This is the smaller version or scale of this pathway with bamboo on the sides. Although the thin bamboo sticks placed on the glass walls were plastic, in a way, it fits the elegance of the wooden floor lined with stones on the sides, you will forget that outside this establishment is a busy mall. The music was very relaxing (really) fit for a spa. The walls, floor and general look of the place is very clean and tidy. Lighting has played also dramatic effects as it’s soft to the eyes but not too dark. The apparatus and machines in each room looks new, were in order and well-kept. The end portion of the facial beds, were covered with plastic which ensures that those who get on the facial bed will not stain the facial bed. This is very economical too and less time consuming when cleaning. I also noticed as I entered the room that there is a faint aromatic smell, I am not sure if it was because of the products they are using at the other room dispersing into the whole inside premises or it was due to room fragrance or room deodorizer. As I sat in the lounge area and let the facial therapist prepare the room, one staff started asking me about products that I use. But we were cut short when I was ushered into the inside room opened by a sliding door with two facial beds and as I walk past the other rooms I noticed that each room has two facial beds and one massage room. Each facial bed has large wall mounted mirror making the rooms look larger than it actually is and at the same time serve as the client’s personal mirror.

Since there was no price list in the reception area, I copied a few of the services that I am interested in trying: A deep cleansing facial which is regularly priced at 350 pesos (approximately $7.00) is now at a promotional rate of 199 pesos (approximately $4.00). Open pores with whitening although listed is not available but is priced at 850 pesos (approximately $16.00). When I scanned their prices, I can’t keep but wonder. With these low prices what types of products are they using and what about profit? Are they still making any profit with such low prices? And if they are, what about their staff? Are they being fairly compensated? Well for now, these are not the issues but some things I tend to think about when prices drop this low. I am not really fond of very cheap products and services (nor high priced but low value ones) but when I am patronizing any products and services, before I decide to patronize them for long-term, I will look into what they bring in value and monetary to the individuals making the business operate, especially the staff. Somehow, something or someone has to give in. I appreciate their comment sheet but I wasn’t given one so I have to take one and bring it home with me na lang because I am compiling also all my reviews. The facial therapist assigned to me was Rikka and I chose the Facial Mudd Sea Mask which is priced at 550 pesos (approximately $11.00). Unfortunately, they do not have a price list to be handed and given away to whomever. Only a list of their services (with no descriptions) was available at the counter.

When the time came up that Rikka initiated the facial massage, I noticed that she was wearing gloves. I know that this protects the facial therapist from infectious skin diseases but I really do not like the smell of rubber on my face. For me, it diminishes the sensation of being relaxed during the facial treatment. The product smells like a combination of pipino (cucumber) and melon but the nice smell of these products, were killed by the odor of the rubber worn by Rikka, the facial therapist. Then came the steaming time and then during the time of pricking, sa dibdib ko nilagay yung mga extractor and other materials for pricking (similar to the practice at Dermstrata). Which personally, I do not approve of…. At bakit naman? you might ask, because it will limit the client’s movements and will make the client conscious of how much dirt has already been removed. As much as possible, for me, a facial therapy should also be an indulgence where the client will feel being a queen taken cared of by a personal skin professional rather than making the client feel awkward. Next came the hot and cold towel application. The hot towel came not hot at all and the cold towel came very cold. Then came the mask or mud, which smells like mud of course but not smelly. It became crusty when dry but after a few minutes I have to request Rikka to take it off as I feel itchy (which was the first time I felt itchy after maybe hundreds of products that I have tried and tested na) and I was in a hurry. The only comment I have is that the facial masque was applied haphazardly. Walang consistent direction which should be going upwards.

One very big disadvantage of this branch and also other branches of Skin Perfect Facial Salon is that they do not have a toilet inside any of their branches. Yes, you heard me right, walang toilet dito. So when a client feels to go to the bathroom while their facial mask is on their face, the client will be forced to either leave the premises and go to the mall’s public toilet with their mask on (hehehe) and risk the embarrassing moment. Baka mapagkamalan ka pang multo sa mall. It’s up to you, but I will not walk around the mall with my face all painted up. Without a toilet inside, this will deter clients who want to have a massage, a facial and other services inside the establishment and spend time and money inside their establishment. Ako pa naman minsan pag pasok ko ng mall at 11am or 12 noon after a light brunch eh lumalabas na ako ng spa at 4pm kasi pagtapos ng facial may massage pa ako (or vice versa depending on what types of facial and massage) tapos may foot spa pa and paraffin pa so talagang whole day na ako halos sa spa. Kaya gutom na gutom ako pag labas eh. Unfortunately, because of the nonexistence of a private toilet for their staff and clients, like many other clients who wants to linger and spend money in one establishment, we will not be able to do that here. Excuse me for the term, pero kung lagi kang ihi ng ihi (especially sa mall dahil malamig) it’s not advisable for you to come here. According to Rikka, all of their branches do not have toilets because the owner does not want to maintain a toilet and the owner considers it dirty for the place daw. So if I will splurge myself in a spa-ing day I will not go here kasi I will not feel at home dahil walang toilet.

They have different branches in different malls like SM and Robinson’s and as far as Batangas and Cabanatuan City. They also have a dermatologist on call. And ohh, maybe next time I will try their massage. Sad to say, as I do my research online, they do not have a website or even an email. All that is available at the reception area is a small 1/4th sheet of glossy paper with a list of their branches. The flyer is not eye-friendly (should I say) as all the fonts are very small you can hardly read it because it’s not also printed in black ink but light colored small fonts of yellow green and red. The red font is visible though.

My overall experience is 82% but I have to commend them for very nice interiors. If I were to include interiors, I will rate them 87% for the interiors only. Hopefully, their services will follow suit!

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